Welcome to part 3 of our 2023 fundraising story.

This week we share some numbers with you!

Our aim is for (at least) 2,000 people to donate.

How do we arrive at this?


  • Each federal electorate currently has around 110,000 voters.
  • In 2022 20,089 people (or around 20% of the electorate) voted 1 Nicolette BOELE.
  • If just 10% of these voters (or 2% of the entire electorate) donated $300, this could resource an election campaign free from party infrastructure, ‘pre-selectors’ and entrenched fundraisers.
  • So we are asking if there are 2,000 voters in Bradfield willing to donate so that we can run a truly local campaign.

In a year when the Constitution is much in the news, it seems fitting to remind ourselves that parties are not in the Constitution, representatives are.
It’s not something the Liberal Party or the Labor Party or the National Party like to discuss.

Is this you?

We are looking for assistance from people who:

  • Want to participate in politics to help create the society and country that we see for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.
  • Do demand a new way of doing political campaign financing in Australia so we can elect MPs that truly represent communities, not party bosses or corporate largesse.
  • Understand that democracy isn’t free, and that it’s worth fighting and standing up for.
  • Do not want culture wars and a drift to American-style partisanship.

If this is you, please ask yourself if you can afford $25 per month or $300 per year?

If you can, thank you, and please visit our website for more information (“News” and “Donate” tabs)

If you can’t, we’re grateful you read this far and appreciate your interest.


Below is Nicolette’s post to launch this campaign.  See her op-ed here and please see more info on this fundraising and consider donating here.

Thank you for your on-going support, in whatever way you can.


Maryanne Cantwell

Head of Team Nic Fundraising


@Nicolette_Boele Twitter Post 28 April 2023: The ALP has been in Gov nearly a year; we've had some wins on #integrity, #climate & #gambling, but not enough. When you follow the $$$, it helps explain why. That's why I'm trying a new way of raising political campaign funds. Asking people, not corporates to fund me.  You can read my op ed here: And if you’re up for helping reform political campaign finance, please donate - it feels nearly as good as giving blood. Try it!


Before you donate, please read

Even though a federal election (or a by-election!) has not been called, the laws applying to political campaigns still apply. More information is here. The AEC website always has the latest information here. Nicolette’s own policy is to declare donations (donor name and amount) over $1,500 in aggregate over the financial year; also she does not accept donations from non-human entities that are operated for profit alone


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