Welcome to Part 2 of our 2023 fundraising story.

Dear Supporter,

Last week we shared with you that nine of the 2022 campaign major donors recommitted to annual donations for three years and their generosity is funding the shadow representative operational costs of rent, staff, insurances, and software.

In late April, we launched a new style of fundraising campaign that is simple, fair, and transparent. We hope the message reaches enough people, that they donate and spread the word about this innovative approach to helping restore integrity to politics.

The Community Donors’ Campaign

Australia is moving away from the two-party duopoly, and more and more people want to see alternatives, such as an independent crossbench. But without a party and corporate largesse, independent candidates find it hard to compete and enter the fray. So, Team Nic wants to help fix political fundraising. To do this we are trialling a fundraising approach that we think is fair, transparent and has integrity. It is intended for people who can’t or won’t donate large amounts, but still want to financially contribute to improving our democracy.

We are asking you and other supporters to donate $300, or $25 per month.

These funds go towards funding essential aspects of a successful campaign – hiring a townhall, printing flyers or buying space in local press or on social media.

That’s it! Please donate $300 or $25 a month if you want:

  • to see our democracy continue to move away from the two party system, with its vested interests, factional battles and parachuted candidates
  • a community independent who is capable, competent, local and wants the same things for Australia that you do.

Visit Nicolette’s website to read more about the fundraising campaign here and consider donating

Thank you for your on-going support, in whatever way you can.



Maryanne Cantwell

Head of Team Nic Fundraising


@Nicolette_Boele Twitter Post 28 April 2023: The ALP has been in Gov nearly a year; we've had some wins on #integrity, #climate & #gambling, but not enough. When you follow the $$$, it helps explain why. That's why I'm trying a new way of raising political campaign funds. Asking people, not corporates to fund me.  You can read my op ed here: And if you’re up for helping reform political campaign finance, please donate - it feels nearly as good as giving blood. Try it!


Before you donate, please read

Even though a federal election (or a by-election!) has not been called, the laws applying to political campaigns still apply. More information is here. The AEC website always has the latest information here. Nicolette’s own policy is to declare donations (donor name and amount) over $1,500 in aggregate over the financial year; also she does not accept donations from non-human entities that are operated for profit alone


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