Public statement 6 April

Yesterday’s decision by the Liberal Party to oppose the government’s proposal for A Voice, has forced me to reconsider the plans outlined in the March edition of my newsletter, the BOELE-tin.   

I have openly stated my support for A Voice and will vote Yes at the upcoming referendum.  

Even so, until yesterday, I had intended to work with our volunteers on building a respectful dialogue through which we could inform ourselves about the arguments for and against A Voice. Why? I think it is important that we avoid the culture wars and work towards having honest and open discussions - discussions where we can agree and agree to disagree.  

However, following yesterday’s announcement by the Leader of the Liberal Party that he will campaign for a No vote, it is now clear that the Opposition is more interested in culture wars and purported political gain than they are in genuine care for this country.  

The Member for Bradfield, as a member of the shadow front bench and Manager Opposition Business, confirmed today on ABC Radio National that the shadow cabinet will be voting no; unless and until he resigns from the shadow front bench or crosses the floor, we can assume that he will be following his party’s instructions.  

I do not believe that the reasons given by the Liberal Party leadership are offered in good faith or are intellectually honest. There may be some genuine disquiet about the consequences of constitutional change, but it seems clear to me that the Liberal Party has chosen political games over national interest rather than seek a solution to that disquiet. 

That being the case, I have decided to step up and offer myself to the community of Bradfield as an advocate for the Yes vote; we sorely need an honest and not self-interested party politician.

I have approached Voices of Bradfield to start discussions about how to help the Bradfield community support the Yes vote.

Want to get involved?

We will be calling for donations next week. We are investigating the AEC rules for referendum donations, which you can read here.

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Come to a Kitchen Table Conversation or information session, where you can satisfy your curiosity. Talk with our volunteers.

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