On 28 April The Daily Telegraph published an article headlined ‘Why political hopeful may hand back Climate 200 donation’.

The article quoted Nicolette without context. Here is the context in which the quote was made.

"I am a fan of accountability, but I am getting tired of people holding independents to a higher standard than the parties". When asked if she would consider paying back donations from Climate 200, she said that she had actually considered it for a split second, but decided absolutely not.

"I'd happily do so if the parties handed back their donations from organisations and companies as well. The reality is I need to be able to make a stance on a very uneven playing field, those donations included donations from people who live in Bradfield, and I am a strong climate candidate. It makes sense to accept donations via C200 so that I have a chance at winning this seat."

Nicolette’s campaign has, as of 05 May, received about $350,000 dollars in contributions. Less than a third pf those are donations are via Climate 200. The vast majority of funds the campaign has received have been from individuals (Nicolette does not accept donations from profit-driven companies) or via community organisations like Voices of Bradfield. Nicolette is grateful for each and every donation.