My Pledge

As originally conceived, the practice of politics is intended to be a noble calling. Yet, without voluntary, ethical restraint, the pursuit and exercise of power risks becoming personal, brutal and self-serving; coarsening the polity, bringing public institutions into disrepute and damaging the common good.

So, consistent with the highest ideals of our profession, I promise that:

In the pursuit of power, I will:

  • Act in good conscience;

  • Enable informed decision-making by my fellow citizens;

  • Respect the intrinsic dignity of all;

  • Refrain from exploiting my rivals’ private failings for political gain; and

  • Act so as to merit the trust and respect of the community.

In the exercise of power, I will:

  • Give effect to the ideals of democratic government and represent the interests of my electorate as a whole;

  • Abide by the letter and spirit of the Constitution and uphold the rule of law;

  • Advance the public interest before any personal, sectional or partisan interest;

  • Hold myself accountable for conduct for which I am responsible; and

  • Exercise the privileges and discharge the duties of public office with dignity, care and honour.

Source: St James Ethics Centre, originally entitled the Politicians’ Pledge