I will vote Yes in the 2023 referendum - and I hope you will too. But I want to be clear, this choice is yours and yours alone. 

The most important aspect of A Voice referendum for me is that we, as a community, have an honest, informed and respectful dialogue and when you cast your vote at the end of the year, you feel you can do so with a clear head and open heart.  

Countless people have worked and fought to protect and strengthen our precious democracy. Many have worked on A Voice, or a version of it, for decades. That's why I ask you to get informed and engaged, and to not let yourself be subjected to misinformation or manipulated by campaigns based on intentionally creating doubt and fear. This issue is too important to descend to the point-scoring and game-playing that often passes for politics.

I see my role as providing a means to support Voices of Bradfield and our wider community as we inform ourselves about the issues and make up our own minds. I have made up mine. I hope you too can feel a similar sense of wonder and pride as you respond to History Calling and make up yours.

Got questions about A Voice?

Come to a Kitchen Table Conversation or information session, where you can satisfy your curiosity.

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Key information and sources

Australian Government 

Leading Indigenous sources

Various grassroots YES organisations

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