Nicolette with the words 'Better is Possible'


I'm Nicolette Boele (pronounced 'Buller') - a long-term local resident passionate to make our democracy stronger. I spent my career working in capital markets, clean energy and climate change policy.

I stood as a community independent in the 2022 Federal election, endorsed by Voices of Bradfield. I received 46% of the vote after preferences, making Bradfield a marginal seat for the first time since its creation in 1949.

I’m running again in the 2025 election or a by-election (whichever comes sooner), because the 2022 result shows that there’s local appetite for a community independent - someone to represent the views of the residents of Bradfield, not the party room.

I’ve created the role of the shadow representative for the community of Bradfield. We are building that road as we walk it (we’re still working that out). What I know for sure is that during the 2022 federal election, many, many people told me that they wanted politics done differently. They wanted our elected officials to put people and our communities at the centre of decisions that impact them, and not narrow interests such as corporations, political parties, or personal agendas. So as your shadow representative I see my role to listen to you about what matters to you and find ways to have your voice heard.

To be clear, I am not the elected member for Bradfield (yet), and only that member can advocate to help you with your parents’ visa applications or attend their citizenship ceremony. Nor can I walk into Parliament and vote on a bill. But I can make representations on your behalf. I help support you to have your voice heard and can help hold those in authority to account, for the efficacy of how our systems operate in practice.

What can you do between now and 2025?

Voices of Bradfield remains an essential community asset that works to build a more informed and engaged community around a strong democracy. Please visit their website and consider joining.

My campaign will be convening several Bradfield Issues Groups in the coming months – please get involved if you enjoy contributing to policy and advocacy at a local, state, or national level.

And there is a bunch of other activities that I encourage you do to help us along the way:

  • Talk with your neighbours, groups, and networks about why having an Independent in Canberra as our representative is important.

  • Track the performance of the key parties in our area and continue to hold me to account as well!

  • Use social media, letters to the editor and radio to inform people about local issues not being addressed and to encourage people to think about the value of an Independent.

  • Host and attend social gatherings where volunteers from different areas can stay connected.

  • Wear the campaign T-shirt to public events to keep the idea of a Community Independent alive.

What am I up to?

Through a consultancy business I provide advice to clients across finance, energy, arts, and media. I have taken on a significant client in the Smart Energy Council; I am their Expert Adviser, Electrification of Everything (with renewables and other smart energy systems). This is an exciting career step up for me and will take me back into my professional beginnings in energy programs and climate policy but including finance and workforce too. I will be a passionate advocate for rolling out affordable, renewable, and reliable energy systems (including EVs) to everyone in my electorate (and the rest of Australia), homeowners, renters, businesses, community service organisations and industry.


I want to see real action on the issues that matter most: climate change, the economy, integrity in federal politics and fairness.

  • Deep financial markets experience

  • Climate change specialist with track record of effective action

  • Long term resident and genuine community independent


A large group of volunteers showing support for Nicolette

What Nicolette Stands for

  1. Let’s take climate change action to give our kids a better future.

  2. Let’s make responsible, forward-thinking economic decisions.

  3. Let’s restore integrity to politics.

  4. Let’s look out for each other. It’s what Australians do.